Inclusive Insurance



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Inclusive Insurance is access to and use of appropriate and affordable insurance products for the unserved and underserved, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable and low-income populations.

MicroNsure works with interested Insurance companies in building products and processes for these groups. We work with major institutions including FIGs, co-op societies, co-op banks, Micro Finance Institutions. Through these collaborations, we introduce insurance to an existing financial services distribution network, build a product and process that suits the stakeholders of the respective institutions and take responsibility for the revenues from the insurance product.

At each stage of the product life cycle, MicroNsure works with the stakeholders - the Customers, Management and Employees - to introduce products that cater to the various needs of the customer at different stages of life and add value to the experience of the employees of the institution by providing adequate training to them on the product and processes.

To know more about MICRONSURE or work with us please write to or talk to Kishore @ +91 80963 37337.

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